Real Estate Websites has been designed from the ground up to give its agents an edge over the competition.

The Chief Designer did over 8 months research and development with agents to come up with the core engine for our sites. The brief was, and still is the same;  ‘Provide websites that are visually superior, simple to use, informative, effective and easy to manage’.

Yes, our websites look great, and ‘yes’ we ensure the content is informative but where we excel is in the area of  ease of use and  effectiveness.

Many sites today (Ours included), come with the ability to be updated by the agents themselves, so they do not have to pay a designer to make changes…. our sites can do that…. but, what we found is that agents don’t want to update their sites. They want them current but they don’t want to spend time on the internet chatting, updating stuff. They want to be out there getting listings and selling properties. That’s what they do and that’s where the money lies.

So, we came up with a solution. A simple one page form that can update their site, update Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn in seconds. No more figuring out how to get into your website to change things, and possibly break the whole thing. No more logging into Facebook and other social media accounts to post information. Just update the one form… ‘One form to update them all’.

Now, savvy Real Estate agents have an option, one that will give them >spot this the presence on the net that they require. A website that will speak i used academicpapers writingassistance and got 3papersdelivered within 24 ideas volumes for them after they have made their listings pitch and are waiting for the client to ring them back. A site that enables them to be seen all over the web with minimal, yes ‘MINIMAL’ effort.

If that was not enough… Real Estate Websites have other websites that create traffic and leads for our agents. Real Estate Websites have concept sites all over the net that focus on niche markets of the Real Estate industry. If you have a website through us, you will get a huge discount on these sites… and for some of our sites (the really popular ones) only clients that already have a website with us will be eligible. We believe in the concept of ‘you support us, and we will support you’.

When you get a site with us you are not only getting what has come before, but you are investing in the future. We will be limiting the amount of sites we intend to build on the internet because we know the best results come from exclusivity, uniqueness and competitive advantage. Our team of designers are never happy with the status quo. We want to create an environment where loyal agents get a competitive advantage which translates into real success and real dollars. We know that if one of our products work you will be back for more.

We look forward to having you join us, so that we can help give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Thank you,

Quentin Donald (CEO and Founder)